Scalable data analytics platform

When it comes to protecting your business, every second counts. Devo protects your data in real time and supports your security operations center (SOC) with automated real-time data analysis, anonymized threat detection and threat hunting using machine learning technology, and end-to-end automation and orchestration (SOAR).

Devo is a highly scalable, cloud-native data analytics platform that goes beyond traditional log management to keep pace with exploding data volumes.

Security Use Cases

Evolve your analytics
Devo is a highly scalable, cloud-native data analytics platform for collecting, storing, enriching, analyzing, and visualizing petabytes of machine data. Bring in any data source, any data volume, in a single operational view.

Augment your SIEM
Devo can extend existing security solutions, like a SIEM. Our platform ingests, stores, and analyzes real time data, forwarding only the most relevant events to the SIEM. Ingest massive volumes of data, adding new sources at will, while lowering overall cost.

Build your MSSP
Devo is purpose-built to handle the sheer volume of data and unique analysis requirements of service providers. Our unparalleled architecture, combined with our native multi-tenancy, allows you to focus on delivering world-class service.

Devo SOC Services
Devo: Journey to the Autonomous SOC

With Devo step by step to more transparency

  • Unify all your data – logs, metrics, you name it – at scale, in a single integrated platform.
  • Scale your data consumption and grow from GBs to TBs to PBs, no re-architecting required.
  • Gain complete visibility with immediate access to all real-time and historical data and context.
  • Reduce costs and enable retrospective investigation with a 10x smaller footprint.
  • Limit data duplication by leveraging one dataset for multiple use cases, with fast, secure access to all the data you need.

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DataStore and Devo have joined forces to offer:

  • DataStore offers a cloud-native logging & security analysis platform with Devo
  • Automated real-time data analysis
  • Genuine multi-tenancy
  • Concept development and proposal consulting
  • Demo options
  • Technical experts to support you with your project implementation


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