In times of digital transformation, the success of a business greatly depends on how reliably people, businesses and services are protected against cyber attacks and the loss of valuable data. DriveLock's mission is to protect enterprise data, devices and systems and always ensure the security of digital workplaces no matter where they are. To achieve this, DriveLock relies on the latest technologies, experienced security experts and the Zero Trust security strategy. In today's security architectures, Zero Trust means a paradigm shift according to the maxim "Never trust, always verify". This also ensures the confidentiality and integrity of information in digital business processes.

DriveLock Zero Trust Platform

The DriveLock Zero Trust platform combines the following elements:

  • Data & Endpoint Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Encryption
  • Security Awareness
  • Risk & Vulnerability Management
  • Security Configuration Management
DriveLock Zero Trust Platform
DriveLock Zero Trust Platform

Cloud-based solutions from DriveLock offer a multi-layered security, are immediately available and economically efficient with low investment and operating costs. DriveLock's Device Control and Application Control solutions are certified to Common Criteria EAL3+: This internationally recognized certification attests to the high trustworthiness and security standard of the DriveLock Agent.

DriveLock is one of Europe's leading specialists in cloud-based endpoint and data security.

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DataStore and DriveLock have joined forces to offer:

  • Solution training
  • Architecture and proposal consulting
  • Provisioning of a demo solution in the corporate environment
  • Short-term deployment of the solution in case of a security incident
  • Support to ensure quick resumption of business operations


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