Eaton is the global market leader in efficient, secure and sustainable power management solutions for data centers. The company’s comprehensive portfolio includes uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), surge protectors, power distribution units, remote surveillance systems and more. All of Eaton’s products follow the company’s philosophy of deploying technological innovations to develop the next generation of products, meet specific customer requirements and achieve long-term success.

Its portfolio offers the DataStore partner community interesting approaches to optimizing energy and load management. Eaton products assist in the building and renovation of efficient data centers, from power supply to airflow management and data center racks. Its power solutions for Dell EMC, for instance, allow you to roll out a tried-and-tested infrastructure much faster without the risks and complexity of a system configured in house. Eaton’s reliable solutions solve your application-specific, unique challenges in the field of power management.

We have put the Eaton data center portfolio to the test and found that its pre-made systems help our clients get their operations going sooner. The modular design also makes it possible to modify IT systems to meet changing business requirements, to upgrade or downsize capacities, and to optimize operating costs.

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DataStore and Eaton have joined forces to offer:

  • A long-standing, close partnership
  • Design and configuration support
  • In-house showcase
  • Architecture and proposal consulting
  • Training and product updates
  • Technical specialists for implementing fully integrated data centers


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