Seamless transparency and control over all changes, configurations and access rights on site as well as in the cloud – these are the advantages customers gain when using the audit and governance platform Netwrix Auditor.

The security analytics functions allow you to investigate incidents, detect threats, and prevent data loss. The solution monitors the company’s critical IT systems, answers who, what, when and where questions relating to changes to the IT infrastructure and provides information on who has access rights. Netwrix’s data classification solution enables businesses to prevent data growth issues by identifying sensitive information and restricting access to those who need it. At the same time, redundant data is culled to optimize storage costs.

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DataStore and Netwrix have joined forces to offer:

  • A long-standing business relationship with an exclusive model in two stages
  • A history of successful projects for clients of all sizes and industries
  • Concept development, architecture and proposal consulting
  • Demonstrations are available in our own demo environment


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