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As companies digitalize, switch to the cloud and roll out new technologies, user access management becomes increasingly complicated. Manual processes are limited and prone to error. A growing arsenal of rules and security risks further increase complexity. SailPoint Predictive Identity, a trusted market leader and industry innovator, masters these challenges with aplomb. SailPoint Identity Governance supports companies in the following tasks:

  • Allocation of rights
    Give your users the access rights they need as they start their work, assume a new function, or leave the company. Automatically adapt access to applications and data as circumstances change.
  • Access requests
    Enable your users to request and receive access to applications and data without manual approval processes.
  • Password administration
    Minimize help desk calls by giving your users a simple and intuitive way of changing and resetting their passwords.
  • Access certification
    Ensure that your users always have the correct access rights by automating the verification and reporting process.
  • Separation of duties
    Identify and prevent toxic combinations of access rights and potential fraud by detecting breaches proactively.
  • Cloud governance
    Use AI to determine all your cloud platforms and workloads (including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform) and protect them from unauthorized access.
  • Access modeling
    Work out who should have access to what. Assign and manage roles correctly.
  • Recommendations
    Use AI-based recommendations to determine whether user access should be granted or denied.
  • Access information
    Turn your identity program into a strategic resource by capturing and analyzing all access activities

DataStore and SailPoint have joined forces to offer:

  • Marketing support in your national language (French or German)
  • Active lead generation and sales support from DataStore and SailPoint on behalf of their partners
  • A strong developmental trajectory for pre-sales and service provision for partners
  • 100% channel model in Switzerland
  • Industry-leading solutions


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