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As companies digitalize, switch to the cloud and roll out new technologies, user access management becomes increasingly complicated. Manual processes are limited and prone to error. A growing arsenal of rules and security risks further increase complexity. As a trusted market leader and industry innovator in identity security, SailPoint masters these challenges with flying colors.

SailPoint: cloud platform for identity security

The SailPoint platform offers an intelligent, autonomous identity basis, helps to meet compliance requirements, reduces risks and significantly increases the security level through greater visibility and monitoring as a central element of a zero trust architecture. A comprehensive identity security platform combines centralized, efficient and automated user and authorization management with security mechanisms in which all user activity is logged to detect policy violations, track suspicious activity and prevent unauthorized access to systems and data.

SailPoint cloud platform for identity security
  • Unmatched Intelligence
    Achieve 360-degree transparency with built-in artificial intelligence and ensure secure access for every identity
  • Frictionless Automation
    Enable users to request and receive access to applications and data without manual approval processes
  • Comprehensive Integration
    Connect the entire ecosystem seamlessly through thousands of integrations and centrally manage and control access

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DataStore and SailPoint have joined forces to offer:

  • Marketing support in your national language (French or German)
  • Active lead generation and sales support from DataStore and SailPoint on behalf of their partners
  • A strong developmental trajectory for pre-sales and service provision for partners
  • 100% channel model in Switzerland
  • Industry-leading solutions


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