As companies progress with their digital transformation, existing ICT systems need to follow suit. Software-defined infrastructures arising from open-source innovations play an important role in this process. SUSE is the world’s largest independent open-source software company. Its genuine open-source technologies contribute significantly to the digital transformation by simplifying and modernizing conventional cloud and edge solutions for companies. It works closely with its partners, communities and clients to develop solutions that facilitate business-critical results. The following products and solutions are available:

Business-Critical Linux

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a modular and easy-to-manage platform that allows developers and administrators to deploy business-critical workloads on-premises, in the cloud and at the edge. It simplifies the operation of your IT environment and helps you accelerate innovation.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications
    SLES is the leading Linux platform for SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver and SAP S/4HANA solutions. It offers maximal performance and minimizes downtime. SLES for SAP Applications notably accelerates the availability of SAP environments. It allows you to backup SAP HANA systems and simplifies their administration.
  • SUSE Manager
    SUSE Manager is a best-in-class Linux management solution designed for enterprise DevOps and IT Operations teams, supporting multiple distributions (SLES, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux and Ubuntu) and multiple architectures (x86, IBM Power Systems and z Systems).

Enterprise Container Management

  • Rancher
    Rancher as a container orchestration tool provides a complete software stack for teams looking to deploy containers. Rancher solves the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure and provides DevOps teams with integrated tools for running container workloads for mission-critical processes.
  • Harvester Hyperconverged Infrastructure
    Harvester unifies and simplifies infrastructure workloads. Harvester is the next generation of open-source hyperconverged infrastructure solutions designed for modern cloud-native environments.
  • NeuVector
    SUSE NeuVector is the only 100% open source, Zero Trust container security platform. Containers are continuously scanned throughout their lifecycle and security roadblocks are removed.

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DataStore and SUSE have joined forces to offer:

  • Close collaboration with SUSE and the partner community
  • Experienced consultants with comprehensive knowledge of the solution in heterogeneous IT environments
  • Pre-sales know-how and technical expertise
  • Support in combining the solution with various hypervisor, hardware and cloud platforms
  • Product demos
  • MSP solution and support


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