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While perimeter security remains crucial, it is no longer enough. Companies must come to terms with the possibility that attackers will sooner or later find a way into their network. Once that happens, it is vital that the attack be detected rapidly, and suitable measures initiated and coordinated. This calls for a security monitoring system that incorporates detection and response solutions to be used downstream of the preventive measures.

Vectra’s innovative Cognito platform was developed by an award-winning team of data scientists and security practitioners. It offers a comprehensive approach by capturing network metadata. The resulting security information is enhanced to facilitate flexible usage, allowing the software to exchange relevant data with other solutions in the security network. The following products and solutions are available:

  • Elevate the SOC Visibility Triad by Gartner
  • Gartner Market Guide for Network Detection and Response (NDR) 2020
  • Cognito Detect for Microsoft 365

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DataStore and Vectra AI have joined forces to offer:

  • Technical and sales training
  • Consultations and development of managed services
  • Architecture and proposal consulting

Provision of demo (POC) equipment in your own company environment


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