Vectra AI

Vectra® is a leader in threat detection and response for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the Vectra platform is able to quickly detect all types of threats, including those in public clouds, identities, SaaS applications, and data centers.

While perimeter security remains crucial, it is no longer enough on its own. Companies must come to terms with the possibility that attackers will sooner or later find a way into their network. Once that happens, it is vital that an attack is detected rapidly and suitable measures initiated and coordinated. As such, there is a real need for security monitoring with “Detection & Response” solutions which are used after the preventive measures have been implemented.

VECTRA AI – Security That Thinks

Vectra’s Threat Detection & Response Platform (TDR Platform) records packages and protocols across the entire network, in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, SaaS applications and identities, and in the data center. The patented AI identifies and prioritizes threats and can be integrated seamlessly into your infrastructure to ensure an optimal response.

The innovative Attack Signal Intelligence™ Engine detects known and unknown threats in real time, allowing security analysts to identify and stop potential attacks as early as possible.

TDR Platform

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