Greater agility and flexibility with APEX

Companies are calling for needs-oriented models for IT resource use. At the same time, they wish to maintain control over the costs and security of on-premise infrastructure. Dell Technologies is making this possible by offering more and more Dell products “as-a-service”.

Interview:Martin Pouillaude, Senior Account Executive at Dell Technologies | Unstructured Data Solutions (UDS)

As part of APEX Cloud Services, Dell Technologies has various categories of as-a-service offerings that include all the components a customer needs to run their applications and workloads. The initial range included APEX Data Storage Services, APEX Private Cloud and APEX Hybrid, while future APEX offerings will offer an enhanced cloud experience. As some organizations are looking to customize their as-a-service experience, Dell Technologies also offers tailored solutions through APEX Flex on Demand (FOD) and APEX Data Center Utility.

APEX Data Storage Services

Dell Technologies’ APEX Data Storage Services are a portfolio of scalable and elastic file (SMB, NFS and S3) and block storage resources that are consumed as-a-service and are results-based. Customers only pay for the volume they use, with the option of increasing or reducing capacity – at the level of performance they need.

The performance level options available include cost-optimized, balanced and performance-optimized (the highest performance level available). Customers also choose their basic capacity and a contract term of one or three years. The minimum amount for basic capacity depends on the performance level and starts at 50 TB for block and file services. The solution selected according to the service level objective (SLO) is delivered with the APEX console, which is a single interface for configuring and subscribing to new services. It is used to deploy and provision workloads on these new services and to proactively monitor and optimize performance by providing complete usage and spending transparency. The underlying infrastructure consists of systems delivered on-site that are wholly owned and managed by Dell Technologies.

APEX Flex On Demand

For customers seeking a more personalized experience, Dell Technologies also offers tailored solutions via APEX Flex On Demand. APEX Flex On Demand provides elastic capacities and a pay-per-use experience across the entire Dell infrastructure portfolio. Here, too, customers first make a few simple decisions.

Customers choose the product that best suits their environment – from the entire state-of-the-art Dell Technologies infrastructure portfolio. They choose the right level of basic equipment, reserved capacity and expansion buffer based on their expected needs. Finally, they choose the right level of service: support, provisioning or full management, depending on how much support they want. As it is a pay-per-use environment, customers are billed monthly for what they use, at a fixed competitive rate that reduces depending on the volume used and contract term.

APEX Data Storage Services

Finally, APEX Data Storage Services include a standard package for infrastructure management. In contrast, Dell Technologies also offers managed services, which are delivery products defined with the customer. These are then documented in a ‘customized statement of work’, or SOW for short. While APEX Data Storage Services are purchased through the APEX console, the managed services that complement the APEX Flex On Demand offering are purchased and valued separately through the Dell sales tools.

Dell Technologies’ APEX offerings provide the flexibility that enables agile IT operations teams to support innovation within their organization and turn big ideas into new, thriving businesses for their organization.

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